Jennifer Fehrenbach Taylor is a registered civil mediator. Mediation is a process in which a mediator works with the parties and their attorneys, if they are represented, to reach a mutually agreeable resolution. Mediation can result in a resolution of a total dispute, a partial resolution of a dispute, or it can help narrow down the issues.

Mediation in many cases helps to prevent the need for the parties to appear in court, which can alleviate stress for the parties. Mediation also helps to resolve disputes more quickly than those disputes can be resolved in court as the timeframe for scheduling mediation is shorter than the timeframe for getting a court hearing. If you are calling to inquire about or schedule mediation with Jennifer Fehrenbach Taylor, please specify when you call that mediation is the service in which you are interested.

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Jennifer provides mediation services in all civil matters.

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Special mediation rates apply, if you are referred by the Warren County, Indiana Court. Please advise when contacting our office for mediation services, if this applies to you.