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Fehrenbach Taylor Law Practice Areas

Buy/ Sell Agreements

What happens to your business if you retire, get ill, or die? Your company is an asset that must be protected. Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office’s attorneys can advise you regarding the necessary documents to protect your business at any stage of the life of your business. Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office’s attorneys can prepare, review, interpret, and help execute binding agreements for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and closely held corporations. Pre-planning your business exit strategy preserves your business and your peace of mind in the event of a major life change, whether planned or unexpected.


Corporations require substantial legal documentation that, if not properly satisfied, can threaten the company’s existence as well as their profits. Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office can assist in the formation and operation of corporations.

General Litigation

Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office’s attorneys practice in a variety of practice areas. Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office’s attorneys can provide preventative advice as well as counsel at any stage of a proceeding.

Wills and Trusts

It is important to conduct estate planning to accomplish your wishes. Estate planning can take many forms including but not limited to the creation and execution of wills, living wills, powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney, and trusts. Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office prepares and assists in the writing and execution of wills, living wills, powers of attorney, and the formation of trusts. Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office’s attorneys can advise you regarding the proper estate planning document to effectuate your wishes.

Postnuptial Agreements

Postnuptial Agreements are agreements that can be entered into after the parties are married. However, they have to be entered into for proper consideration in order to be valid. One situation in which a postnuptial agreement might be appropriate is when the parties have a pending divorce, but want to attempt reconciliation. In such a situation proper drafting of a postnuptial agreement and entering into the agreement prior to the dismissal of the divorce action can reallocate the rights of the parties.

CHINS & TPR Defense

When facing the threat of your child’s removal from the home or termination of your parental rights, you need a strong, experienced representative to help guide you through the complicated court process. The lawyers at Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office have served as counsel to the Department of Child Services and understand the complex procedures and requirements involved in those situations.  Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office’s attorneys also assist in attaining the right services needed to restore both parent and child to a healthy relationship.


Your contract might make sense, but if it can’t hold up in a court of law, it’s worthless. Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office’s attorneys prepare, review, interpret, and help execute legally enforceable contracts. If you have a dispute, Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office can give you solid advice on how to proceed – and whether it’s worth your time or money to do so. Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office’s attorneys  can also review pre-existing contracts to advise you regarding your understanding of and protection included in the contract before you sign.


Administering the requirements of another’s estate can be complicated and tedious. Legal counsel by an experienced professional reduces the stress and pressures often experienced by the estate manager. Fehrenbach Taylor’s firm assists the estate’s personal representative to administer their duties according to the deceased’s written requests. They assist and create the legal entity necessary to organize real and personal property, facilitate payment of debts left by the deceased, and distribute the balance of assets to the indicated beneficiaries.

Real Estate

Land and property purchases must meet specific legal requirements for acceptance. Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office serves its clients through writing and interpretation of deeds, purchase agreements, negotiations, questions of ownership, contract sales, 1031 exchanges, and general property acquisition. Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office’s attorneys can also review existing agreements and can advise clients as to the implications of potential decisions.

Civil Appeals

Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office represents clients in civil appeals. Civil cases are all cases that are not criminal cases. An appeal is a case that is filed to dispute the Order entered in a trial level case. It is filed with an appellate court that reviews the decision of the lower court based on certain legal standards and determines if the lower court’s order should be overturned. Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office accepts appeals in cases where they did not participate in the underlying trial court case. Some areas in which Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office accepts appeals are termination of parental rights, dissolution of marriage, custody, and other general areas of civil litigation.


Divorce & Family Law

Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office can represent you through the delightful and difficult emotional legal situations within the family.

Family Law Services

Landlord Representation

The Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office provides legal protection and representation for landlords in and around Lafayette, Indiana.

Landlord Services


Experienced advocacy

Get assurance that your firm’s attorneys have the experience, skills and knowledge to help you resolve your case effectively, no matter the complexity of your case or the area of law in which you need assistance. Look for a firm that maintains strong working relationships with professionals such as CPAs, contractors, real estate agents, bankers and others to help assist you with your particular legal matters. As general practice lawyers, attorneys at Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office handle a variety of legal cases and specialize in forging relationships with trustworthy, referable service professionals.


Results-oriented service

Experience, personal relationships, and understanding are essential in choosing a good attorney, but in the end, results are what matters. Ask your attorney about their record of success in your area of legal need. What specialized knowledge do they have to apply to your legal situation? How committed are they to your individual case? Hiring Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office, you can be assured that the attorneys take your personal legal matters seriously. Their experience goes beyond the courtroom to give them inside understanding in many situations. Their goal is your goal – a favorable outcome – and they’ll persist until they’ve achieved the best resolution possible.

Straightforward and candid advice

It is important to find an attorney that takes time to explain until you understand, so you can make a truly informed decision. It is important to find someone who will tell you what you need to know instead of just what you want to hear. Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office is committed to communicating clearly with you about your case.