Fehrenbach Taylor Safety Plan During The COVID-19 Public Health Crisis

Effective May 11, 2020, and Updated November 16, 2020

We are open for in person appointments for meeting that cannot be conducted remotely (subject to requirements of the following safety plan).

Please note:

Our office address is 12 North Third Street, Suite 100, Lafayette, IN 47901. Please DO NOT enter the office on your own. You must have an appointment as we are open by appointment only. If you have an appointment, please park and call (765) 233-9864 and someone will let you in the building.

This Safety Plan is in Compliance with the Requirements of State of Indiana Executive Orders 20-26 and 20-48 and shall remain in effect until the restrictions are lifted.

Employee Screening

All owners, employees, and staff shall be screened for COVID-19 symptoms before being allowed to work.

All owners, employees, and staff shall wear face coverings, except while in their individual offices alone and while eating.

Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfecting

The office conference room will be cleaned by staff after each use by a visitor.

Any other surfaces that are used by visitors will be cleaned before the next appointment.

All high-touch surfaces will be cleaned regularly.

Each employee shall Lysol his or her office when leaving for the day.

Hygiene Measures for Employees and Visitors

All owners, employees, and visitors will have access to hand sanitizer and there is a bathroom in the office where all owners, employees, and visitors can wash their hands.

Compliance with Social Distancing Requirements Established by the CDC

The office is open by appointment only.

A sign will be posted instructing people without an appointment to not enter the building.

All visitors with an appointment shall park and call the office before approaching the office.

A sign will be posted to instruct people with an appointment to not enter the building on their own.

Visitors will be met outside and directed to the office conference room immediately unless their document execution is taking place in the lobby.

The conference room furniture is arranged to maintain six foot social distancing for Fehrenbach Taylor Law Office owners, employees, and staff, as well as visitors.

All owners, employees, staff, and visitors will be required to comply with social distancing requirements established by the CDC, including maintaining six-foot social distancing when possible and/or employing other separation measures such as wearing face coverings. Six feet of distance are marked on the floor coverings. Please be advised that at various times different staff members may be working remotely.

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